The Shalom Award

The Shalom Award of the International Forum of Jewish Scouts encourages Jewish Scouters worldwide to strengthen their unity and develop closer bonds with each other. The IFJS Shalom Award recognizes adult Scout volunteers (Scouters) who provide leadership and assistance to national Jewish Scout groups.


For nomination, a nominee excels in criteria 1, 2 and at least four additional areas below:

1. A nominee is recognized for substantial efforts over a long period of time (at least five years) or for one major project of international significance.

2. A nominee is an ambassador and a representative of Jewish convictions and ideals as they relate to the Scouting movement both to the non-Jewish Scout community and to the Jewish Scout community through personal example.

A nominee promotes the establishment and maintenance of Scout units in synagogues, centers of the Jewish Community and other Jewish institutions.

A nominee encourages Jewish youth to join the Scouting movement.

A nominee assists Jewish Scout leaders, units and Scouts in discovering international dimensions of Scouting and connecting with Jewish Scout organizations in one or more member organizations of the IFJS.

A nominee encourages and assists Scouts in participating in international Scouting events, thereby enhancing their Jewish identity and unity within the Scouting movement.

A nominee promotes and facilitates religious observances by Jewish Scouts during international Scouting events.

A nominee promotes understanding and sensitivity toward all religious movements as they relate to Scouting in order to strengthen the role that religious organizations play in the Scouting movement.

A nominee promotes the development and maintenance of a National Scouts Organization (NSO), recognized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) in his or her country or another country, which establishes, coordinates and maintains Scouts units in synagogues, centers of Jewish Community and other Jewish institutions.


Nominations for the award shall be made by a National Scouts Organization (NSO) or a Jewish Committee of an NSO that is recognized by that NSO. The official nomination form prescribed by the IFJS is submitted to the Scouter’s NSO or Jewish Committee of the NSO.

Supporting letters of recommendation which provide evidence of worthiness to be recognized with the award are welcome. Supporting letters are not just personal recommendations or endorsements.

The Jewish NSO or Jewish Committee of the NSO reviews all nominations and submits those it recommends to the IFJS for action. No individual may be self-nominated.

Presentation of the Shalom Award:

The Shalom Award is granted by the IFJS to qualified Scouters nominated for it by their NSO. The award consists of:

• A suitable certificate of award describing the services rendered


• An IFJS Award patch suitable for wearing on a Scouter’s uniform.

A nominee may be formally presented with the Shalom Award at an International Forum of Jewish Scouts Court of Honor convened by the IFJS or on behalf of the IFJS by an authorized representative of the nominee’s NSO.