2014 – Amos Ilani (z“l) (Israel)

Amos Ilani was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He is married and has 2 daughters.

Amos joined the Scouts Movement when he was 10 years old and has been active in the Movement throughout his life.

In the last 25 years, since having been appointed as head of the Committee for International Relations, and later as the International Commissioner of the Israel Boy & Girl Scouts Federation, together with his general tasks, Amos has made it his personal mission to achieve progress in three important fields:

(1) Creating and strengthening direct personal ties between young members of the six Jewish, Druze, and Arabic Scouts Movements active in Israel.

(2) Forging an ongoing dialogue between Israeli and German Scouts, with respect to the painful history of the Jewish Holocaust and the events of World War II.

(3) Establish and develop Jewish scouting around the world through activities in the International Forum of Jewish Scouts (IFJS)

Amos is the chairman of the Committee for Relations between Israeli and German Scouts since 1988. With a historical background which is tainted with the tragic events the Holocaust and World War II, Amos has succeeded in leading to a mutually enlightening, educational and meaningful relationship between the Scouts Movements of these two countries, enhancing the understanding and the cooperation between members of youth movements from both countries.

Approximately 200 delegations have been exchanged between the two countries, with the participation of over 3,000 young Scouts, leaders and heads of movements.

Amos continues to lead the exchange project with his devotion and enthusiasm – an exchange of 12 delegations is planned for 2014 and 15 delegations for 2015.

On Oct 11, 2013 Amos received the German Federal Cross of Merit for his long-standing commitment to the German-Israeli Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts exchange.

In a ceremony at the German Embassy, with participation of 70 guests from Israel, Germany, Jordan, and Amos’ family, ​​the Ambassador presented the award to Amos, on behalf of the President of Germany Joachim Gauck.

During all his years of activity, Amos has dealt with the international issues of the Scouts Movement, while always paying special attention to the intricate structure of the various Jewish, Druze and Arabic Scouts Movements in Israel, always taking care to ensure participation of all 6 associations in the visits abroad and in hosting the guests from all countries. Amos has organized and headed delegations consisting of representatives from all the different local Scouts Movements.

Often, the various missions merge; Amos has headed Israeli delegations to Germany many times, leading both groups of Israeli Scouts Unit Leaders from the various local Movements and as well as groups of Heads of Israeli Arab, Jewish, Catholic, Druze and Orthodox Scouts Associations. The results have been a fascinating and enriching experience for all concerned.

In his youth, Amos served as a counselor for teenage Scouts; as an active leader of a Scouts Unit (1,000 members); and as a youth leader in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Together with a group of fellow Scouts Members, Amos volunteered to the « Nachal » Army Unit (Pioneering Combatant Youth) to assist in the establishment and development of a kibbutz settlement – Sdeh Boker – in the Negev (desert). He lived and worked on the Kibbutz for 8 years, always continuing his activity in the Scouts Movement.

Amos has acquired extensive international experience, having worked in various countries of the world: 1 year on mission to Argentina; 2 years at the Israeli Embassies of Brazil and Peru; 6 years in Canada on behalf of an Israeli industrial firm.

Within the framework of his work as Export Manager and Information Systems Manager of a large industrial company, Amos traveled abroad regularly, to Europe, North America and other parts of the world, always taking advantage of these visits to do volunteer work on behalf of the Scouts Movement, with the main goal of enhancing relations between Israeli Scouts and the Scouts Movements of various countries.

Amos has served as:

* Chairman of the International Relations Committee.
* International Commissioner of the Israel Boy & Girl Scouts Federation for 10 years.

Amos is presently serves as:

* Chairman of the Committee for Relations with the German Scouts Associations (since 1988).
* Representative of the Scouts Movement in the Public Council for Youth Exchange;
* Founder and member of the Board of the International Forum of Jewish Scouts

Amos has participated in:

* 1960 All Indian Jamboree
* 1990 World Conference in Paris
* 1996 World Conference in Oslo
* 1999 World Conference in Durban
* 2002 World conference in Thessaloniki
* 2005 World Conference in Tunisia
* 2008 World Conference in Korea
* 2014 World Conference in Slovenia
* 1998 European Conference in Luxembourg
* 2001 European Conference in Prague
* 2007 European Conference in Slovenia
* 2010 European Conference in Brussel
* 2013 European Conference in Berlin
* 1998/1999 World Jamboree in Chile (as head of the Israeli contingent)
* 2007 World Jamboree in London
* 2011 World Jamboree in Sweden
* 1998 Summit Conference in Moreno, Switzerland
* 2000 – International commissioners Forum in Slovenia
* 2000 – International commissioners meeting in London
* 2003 – First Interreligious Symposium in Valencia, Spain
* Wood Badge course (Israel)

In 1996, as Chairman of the Israeli International Relations Committee, Amos participated in the World Conference in Oslo. Together with Morris Zilka and Jacques Moreillon, he initiated a motion to support the candidacy of the Palestinian Scouts to the World Scouts Organization.

Amos was one of the founders and active in the establishment of the International Forum of Jewish Scouts (IFJS) and, on behalf of the Israeli Scouts, he is a member of the Board of the IFJS.

In 2003, during the first Interreligious Symposium in Valencia, Spain Amos, Ruth Ouazana and Fred Cherbite represented the Jewish faith and, again, the blessing of WOSM to the establishment of the IFJS.

The high light of the Symposium was the Kabalat Shabat prayers and Shahrit Shabat. Ruth conducted outstanding ceremonies of prayers and explanations. Participated in the events representatives of all the delegation, including from all Arab countries.

In 2008 Amos, together with Alain Silberstein, participated and represented the IFJS in the Interreligious Symposium meeting, in the World Conference in Korea.

In 2007 World Jamboree in London and 2011 World Jamboree in Sweden Amos participated actively in the preparations and the operation of the IFJS denominational tents at the Faiths and Beliefs areas.

Amos was the IC of the Israeli Federation for 10 years until 2006.

In the following years, he continues to share his experience, contacts and expertise being involved in all international relations and activities of the Israeli Scouts.

Amos is a holder of the highest President of Israel’s award for Scouting – the Israeli Silver Lion.