South Africa – Magen Scouts

SA_magen_scoutsMagen Scouts is an out-of-school educational youth movement aimed at the Jewish Community in South Africa and is affilliated to the South African Scout Association – South African Headquarters.

The Magen Scouts meets every Sunday at Froggy Pond from 15:15 – 17:15 – Club Street Extension

SA_lag_baomerDaniel Glasser speaks about his experience of Magen Scouts: « I love scouts because we learn how to survive in the outdoors. We have learnt how to make fires, how to keep a match alight, and that the smoke from 3 triangular fires is a call for help. We learn how to use knives for whittling. We have gone caving, hiking and on nature walks. We have also learnt how to make our own compasses. Scouts is fun. »