Renaissance of Litvak Scouting — Shabbat in the Woods, August 24-26


50 future scouts, senior scouts and madrichim coming from all Lithuania gathered for a three-day camp:
• How to make a table with wood poles and logs
• Trapper cooking: how to make Bannick bread and campfire baked potatoes with onions
• How to find his way with a map and a compass
 Hebrew calligraphy

and also…
Challah making
The Joy of Shabbat with prayers, stories, songs and danses
Scout games
Saturday Campfire and Night Hike, etc.

During Shabbat, the Litvak Shevet (Lithuanian Tribe of Jewish Scouts) was officially inaugurated in the presence of:

  • Faina Kukliansky, Head of the Jewish (Litvak) Community of Lithuania
  • Fania Brancovska, a 96 years old young Jewish scout who told scouts about scout activities before the war and during the soviet then nazi occupations of Lithuania.


These are the four Litvak skiltes (patrols in Lithuanian):

  • The Beavers of Vilnius
  • The Owls of Vilnius
  • The Green Dragons of Kaunas
  • The Pandas of Klaipéda


Prior to this camp, an intensive one-day training for future madrichim was organized in partnership with Lithuanian Scouting.


zydu_skautai_badge_3Emblem of Jewish Scouts of Lithuania
(Jewish Scouts is written in Lithuanian, Yiddish and Hebrew)