Bruce Chudacoff and Nelson Block received the Nachshon Fellowship Award

Both National Jewish Committee on Scouting chairman Bruce Chudacoff and Nelson Block received rare Nachshon Fellowships from the International Forum of Jewish Scouts (IFJS). The award is given through the IFJS for meritorious service on behalf of international Jewish Scouting.

Rabbi Peter Hyman, one of the first Nachshon Fellows inducted Chudacoff as a fellow at the beginning of the NJCOS meeting on May 24 at the National Annual Meeting of the Boy Scouts of America in Orlando, Florida. Later it was time for Chudacoff to return the favor as he inducted Block into the Nachshon Fellowship.

It was the third and fourth time that Nachshon Fellowships were presented to members of the NJCOS. Each time a Nachshon Fellow installed one of the new fellows. This was also the first time that two Nachshon Fellowships had been awarded in the same meeting. The other previous Nachshon Fellowship went to Arthur “Art” Lipman of blessed memory last year.

The Fellowship comes with an attractive engraved lexar plaque and a necklace with attached medal. It is named after the blblical character of the same name, credited with incredible faith and trust in the Almighty when he was the first to step into the Red Sea. Such steadfast faith in God is required of the greatest of international Jewish Scouters, according to the IFJS.

Nachshon Fellowship recipients Nelson Block, left, and NJCOS chairman Bruce Chudadoff. (Photo by Alan Smason)