Melbourne - 10th Caulfield
Melbourne - 15th Brighton
Melbourne – 3rd St. Kilda
Sydney – 3rd Rose Bay


União dos Escoteiros do Brasil (UEB)

Sao Paulo – Avanhandavacontact

Montréal – Éclaireuses éclaireurs israélites de Montréal (groupe Albert Einstein)contact

Mexico City - Scouts Israelitas de México (SIM)contact

National Jewish Committee on Scouting (NCoS-BSA) – BSA

New York – Éclaireuses éclaireurs israélites de New York (groupe Emma Lazarus)contact


Éclaireuses éclaireurs israélites de France (EEIF)

Hebrew Scouts of Israel (Tsofim haIvrim) – contact

Éclaireuses éclaireurs israélites d’Israël (groupe Ron Arad)contact

National Jewish Scout Fellowship (NJSF) – the Scout Association
Jewish Guide Advisory Council (JGAC) – Girlguiding UK – contact


Magen Scoutscontact

In Israel, joint activity between Hebrew scouts and Orthodox Christian scouts

In Jaffo Israel, joint activity between Hebrew scouts and Orthodox Christian scouts with the presence of Andrea Demarmels (European Region President), David Mac Kee (Regional Director Europe) and Amos Ilani (Tsofim Chi...

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17632255_1291448880944306_6678592258850641068_oEuropean Interreligious Forum | Meeting in Roma

The European Interreligious Forum met in Roma from 31st March to 2nd April. IFJS was represented by Ruth and Alain from France, David and Michael from the United Kingdom. In a very fruitful meeting and great atmosphere, ...

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What is IFJS?

• The International Forum of Jewish Scouts (IFJS) brings together representatives of Jewish scouts from all continents: USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, France, Australia and Israel (more to come). The name “Forum” was...

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May You Be Inscribed and Sealed in the Book of Life for 5776![...]

From 1990 onwards, the names of all 76,000 Jews deported from France were read aloud at the Yom HaShoah ceremony in Paris.  Members of French scouts associations are participating to the Reading of the Names which last[...]

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts from Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire gathered on Friday, February 6th at Temple Emanu-El in Haverhill, Massachusetts to celebrate Scout Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.  Scout[...]

Avanhandava celebrated Tu Bishvat planning trees in Santo Andre, near São Paulo, in partnership with KKL and the local government.[...]

Barbara Perotti and Jorge Mazzitelli Warschavsky, the Argentinian Scouts Deputy Jewish Chaplain. They planted the olive tree in Necochea, that is located 500 km south from Buenos Aires during a national event for Senior[...]