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shof8116 United Kingdom – The Jewish Scout Advisory Council (JSAC) – Girl Guiding UK

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kumzits_2 France – IFJS KUMZITS

In the framework of the events celebrating its 90th anniversary, the EEIF (Jewish Scouts of France) hosted this summer near Bordeaux an international meeting of the International Forum of Jewish Scouts with representatives of organizations, committees and tribes of Jewish Scouts from France, Israe... Read more

EEIF_90 France – Happy 90th Anniversary EEIF!

Éclaireuses éclaireurs israélites de France (EEIF - Jewish Scouts of France) marks 90 years.  More than 5000 scouts and counsellors of all ages came together outside Bordeaux for the 90th anniversary of the Jewish Scouts of France. Old and new members took part in numerous cultural and sport... Read more