News from Europe-Mediterranean

17632255_1291448880944306_6678592258850641068_o European Interreligious Forum | Meeting in Roma

The European Interreligious Forum met in Roma from 31st March to 2nd April. IFJS was represented by Ruth and Alain from France, David and Michael from the United Kingdom. In a very fruitful meeting and great atmosphere, we discussed our vision and mission and how to take this into action.... Read more

michael_5 First Inter-Faith Scout Meeting in Manchester

Members of the UK National Jewish Scout Fellowship based in Manchester ran a Jewish evening at the 21st West Stafford Cubs and the 21st Century Explorer Scout Unit in Staffordshire. It was the first of many interfaith Scout meetings at non-Jewish troops they hope to hold. Activities involved a brie... Read more

In Israel, joint activity between Hebrew scouts and Orthodox Christian scouts

In Jaffo Israel, joint activity between Hebrew scouts and Orthodox Christian scouts with the presence of Andrea Demarmels (European Region President), David Mac Kee (Regional Director Europe) and Amos Ilani (Tsofim Chief scout).... Read more

11014676_10153306617879769_8940389006527805335_n May 1st, 2015 in Toulouse, France

The First of May in France, this is a tradition to offer a bit of lily of the valley.  Also a way to finance scout projects!... Read more

Yom_haShoah1 Yom HaShoah 5775 in Paris | Reading of the Names

From 1990 onwards, the names of all 76,000 Jews deported from France were read aloud at the Yom HaShoah ceremony in Paris.  Members of French scouts associations are participating to the Reading of the Names which lasts for 24 hours. ... Read more

EEIF_krakow 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

At the end of the Memorial service at the Great synagogue of Krakow (Poland) with EEIF (French Jewish scouts) of Paris.... Read more

eeif_arc_de_triomphe 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

 At the end of the Arc de Triumph Lighting the Flame ceremony in Paris with EEIF (French Jewish Scouts) .... Read more

EEIF_Cannes EEIF at Cannes Synagogue Memorial Service

... Read more

EEIF_Paris Jewish Scouts of France (EEIF) at Paris rally

... Read more

UK_WSJ_dream_team_ United Kingdom – National Jewish Scout Fellowship (NJSF) – the Scout Association

There are about 270,000 Jews living in Great Britain today. Many belong to synagogues scattered throughout the country, but a great majority live in the Greater London area and other large cities. There are about 16 Jewish Scout Groups with approximately 750 Scouts, both male and female. Many Jewis... Read more